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----Devil Incarnate ---- { Sebastian x Reader }
    Devil incarnate, that is what he was. It wasn't your fault of course, you didn't want ot be born into this family. You weren't involved in their dirty deeds, the blood that stained their bleached white globes to match polished black shoes and sweet smiles. How could you know?
    Sebastian Michaelis, who you met through a child. A tiny brat that you did not like in the least, but his manservant was quite the specimen. A handsome dark appearance left you flushed and embarrassed when he enter, carrying a demeanor so dark that dimmed the room. His attitude seemed force at times, lips sometimes cracking into that open mouth smile that made your skin crawl. At first, you wanted the boy to stay at your manor longer, in order to be graced by his butler's presence.
    But over time, Sebastian began to take an interest in you. Catching you at moments when you just so happened to be alone. At first, he just asked about simple things about your father and m
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OlderBrother!Vamp!Prussia x LittleSister!Reader 2
   He could not drive away the overwhelming primal instinct that told him to ravage you. IT was knawing at the base of his skull, it whispers had taken the seductive voice of his innocent sister. It was so realistic, he could imagine the words passing you soft lips, tongue rolling after each syllable in every flirtatious way possible.
    Gilbert had manged to restrain himself until school had ended, and the heat of summer time had you and other girls a like stripping down to booty short and tank tops. Every curve was prominent, but it just left enough for the imagination of the hunter.
    You, had tried to forget your older brother's near assault. But you caught your subconscious wandering to his hands wandering the curves of your body. And unwittingly growing aroused to his sensual touches. In times of ease, you would find you hands longing to touch is soft curls, and feel his lips on your neck.
    But it was wrong, and you knew better.
:iconwickedlovelydestiny:wickedlovelydestiny 230 78
Tch (Uzu x Reader)
"You can't stay mad at me forever, (Name)~" You continued to walk at brisk pace, trying to shake you upper classmen, and find a place to hide from you utter embarrassment.
"Come on, it was an complete accident... I mean, I really didn't mean to hit you in the face!" The green-haired Three Star teenager continued to ran about how he didn't mean to, and how he was sorry. He honestly only came to apologize since Gamagori got on his ass about not following school policy.
Without realizing it, he slung his arm around your shoulders, which reminded you somewhat a of potential molester you would sometimes run into on your trek home. Alas, being a No Star student had its ups and downs, but mostly downs. As he continued to talk, you flushed deeper and deeper, whether it was from anger or... You didn't know.
"-but it would be great if you accepted my apologies." He finished off, his green eyes turning to meet yours.
You suddenly stopped, and looked down, your eyes hidden by the shad
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Oklahoma Sky (Cowboy!America x Reader)
   Meeting Alfred was like a dream. It was too good to be true, but he couldn't stay.
    He always had to follow the herd, and would only stop at occasion at the auction house in Ellsworth. Where was far to long for a teen girl like you to walk. You could follow the Chisholm Trail, but it lead right through Indian territory. Which you couldn't even dream of crossing alive.
    So every year you would wait for the passing drive and look for the familiar bouncy locks touched by sun. They cowboys would stay just out of your Papa's ranch.  You would thrillingly sneak out and meet your blue eyed sweetheart.
    He would hug you, and maybe even sneak a kiss. His scent would flood your senses, the delectable taste of freedom and wilderness. It was like floating on a cotton cloud.
    Alfred would tell you that he loved you, and that he couldn't wait to see you again.
    But time it was different.
    When you slipped
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OlderBrother!Vamp!Prussia x YoungerSister!Reader
    It was wrong, he knew it from the beginning. The forbidden love that thrumed through his being. He knew it was wrong. But when did Gilbert ever once deny himself?
    It started around the time of his second year of high school. An attack at a shady party in the woods left him like this. Gilbert only managed to get away, but changed his life completely. But hey, chicks dig Vampires, right?
    He craved blood, whether from the local blood drive, or maybe the living being once in awhile. But with you it was different. From the time you were little (h/c) toddler, Gilbert was always protective of you. He was constantly teased by his friends of his "overly fond" affections for his sister. His younger brother was always so grown-up, but he never noticed when Gilbert's brotherly affections turned sinister. Love turned to lust, and that was extremely dangerous for the one he lusted after
    Gilbert's blood thirsty
:iconwickedlovelydestiny:wickedlovelydestiny 413 106
Madoka is mine
No one!
                              { SHE IS MINE}
 S̠̘͇̭̜t̲͚̜ͅa͖̖̠͚̣̥̲͡y̜̲͕͙̜͓̦ ̦͚͎̣̦ͅA̶̦̱̥͎̝w͇̘̙̗̞a̲y҉̹!̙̩͖
Only MINE!
                WHO WOULD KILL FOR HER?
             WHO CONSUMED HER?
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Rules of a Gentleman (AmericaxReader) pt2
   Rule number 223: Real men never stop trying to show a girl how much she means to him, even after he has got her.
       "HEY! (NAME)!!! WHERE ARE YOU!" Alfred F. Jones entered the apartment, his blonde locks bouncing.
        "What?" You shouted from the bedroom. You were "putting clothes away" which meant you were just piling them on your desk, and would slowly wear all of them until there was no pile left. But sooner or later (more times later than others) you would finally get around to it.
    "Do ya' wanna go out with me?" He blurted out as he rounded the doorway and practically slid into the room. He hair fluffed up, and glasses slid further down his nose.
    "Oh, so now you are asking me out on a date?" You threw over you shoulder, not evening bothering to meet the dirty blonde's blue eyes.
    "Yeah, it'll be just like old times! Remember how you would blu
:iconwickedlovelydestiny:wickedlovelydestiny 22 7
Gentleman Series (AmericaxReader) pt1
 Ruler Number 345: If you truly love her, you'd know what's best for her; whether it includes you or not.

    "Please, just... I can't anymore." You whispered, your eyes filled with salty tears, threatening to spill.

    "I promise, I won't mess up this time! Give me another chance?" Your husband stood across the small kitchen, his arms with with fingers splayed inviting you to his warm embrace. But no, you wouldn't be weak this time.
    "You coming home at late hours? Not knowing if you are dead or not? What do I have to tell my daughter when daddy doesn't come home? Please, Alfred, you need help." You begged, the darkness from outside leaking into the room in a haste to put out all the bright splashes of yellow on the cream walls.
    "I am fine. I don't need help, I am perfectly in control, I am just on a losing streak, that's all." He whispered, rushing to your shaking form. "I know
:iconwickedlovelydestiny:wickedlovelydestiny 29 10
Mature content
Mornings Are the Worst Part 2 (Lemon) :iconwickedlovelydestiny:wickedlovelydestiny 29 7
Hatsune Miku by wickedlovelydestiny Hatsune Miku :iconwickedlovelydestiny:wickedlovelydestiny 8 0
Collection (SebastianxReader)
   What was hard about living daily was that no one believed you. How you would see shadows at night, the way they would crawl and creep up the walls up your bedroom. Their inky darkness would spread open in a make-shift mouth and cackle silently at you. At your stubbornness, and fear. You would watch them every night, but not make a single sound to signal your parents. But every night they would curl and spread into new fears, leaving you jumpy and easily frightened during days.  
    And how the shadow took a liking to you. Every night, he would visit you. Trying to reduce you to tears. Usually, he was not this sadistic, but watching your (e/c) orbs pool with fear sent his senses tingling. Your soul was absolutely delectable, a waver of child-like innocence to it. It made his mouth water, but he knew he should wait, or else he could destroy her pre-mature soul. It had been ages since he last had a meal. His last master was young, but after going throug
:iconwickedlovelydestiny:wickedlovelydestiny 33 3
Mornings are the Worst (AmericaxReader)
"Come on (Name)! Wake up! The hero can't wait around all day!" Alfred yelled at your sleeping form. But instead of his sexy girlfriend, all he saw was a human burrito.
"Leave me be." Mumble the form that happened to be you. You rolled over, letting (h/c) tendrils of hair slide out. Like most non-morning-people, you were irritable, and would rather stay in bed until a proper waking hour. Like noon. But no, your American boyfriend thought it would be fun to wake you up at six in the morning to go stand in line for some video game. Alfred sure had his proprieties straight, now didn't he?
"Fine, you are making me resort to cruel methods! You may never be heard from again, unless you get your lazy-ass out of bed!"
"Go to hell." You grumbled, burrowing farther into the plush blankets.
"That was your last chance (Name)!" Alfred said, before running into the bathroom that was jointed to the master bedroom of the small house that you two shared.
"Whatever." You stated, dozing off, hoping not to
:iconwickedlovelydestiny:wickedlovelydestiny 171 60
Fairy Hunting (Child!EnglandxChild!Reader)
"Come on, (Name)! They won't be around forever!" The young blonde announced, running ahead of you.
"Arthur! Wait up, I can't run that fast in a dress! I doubt they will leave before we say hello, they are always very kind to us!" Your small hands pumped at your sides, the Victorian  violet dress brushed the ground, your bonnet slightly shifted to the side. You two had run off into the forest on your family's property grounds. Brimming with wonders, you two set off in search of fairies. Young Arthur, thinking he had the "sense" drew both of you deep into the wild terrain.  
"They might-" Arthur voice grew silent, panicked, you pushed yourself farther. Only to run into the back of a certain eight year old, known as Arthur Kirkland. Unknowingly, you had tackled him to the ground. He popped up before a breath could leave your small lips
"Oof! Why did you stop, now look, you muddied my dress. Now mother will be livid!" You announced, as you pushed yourself from the ground. (H/c) l
:iconwickedlovelydestiny:wickedlovelydestiny 45 11
Like Toy Solidiers (AmericaxMale!Reader)
A/N This is my first reader-insert. So please be kind. There is blood/gore, but I didn't go into detail to use the filter. Please let comments, bc I really do appreciate them!
Sighing, you picked up your luggage and began to board the train. War had fallen on the world, its dark cape covering every expanse near and far. Making all the young men slowly march to their death. You never wanted to go, but when that dreaded letter showed up on the doorstep of your civil home, duty called. It was American, right?
Milling through the other scared "men", you picked a spot next to an excitable blonde,his face showed no wear of stress. 'Unusual.' You thought to yourself, he must not know what to expect.  
"May I sit here?" you asked, your (h/c) hair falling forward as you cocked your head.
"You sure can! Name's Alfred, by the way. Where are ya' from?" The blond, know known as Alfred stated.
"Name's (name), from (city). You?" You said, not amused at all. Pushing the bags up in the compartment
:iconwickedlovelydestiny:wickedlovelydestiny 53 52
Sayaka Miki by wickedlovelydestiny Sayaka Miki :iconwickedlovelydestiny:wickedlovelydestiny 1 0


Serenity by fuwaffy Serenity :iconfuwaffy:fuwaffy 10,156 212 BANG BANG by smidg3n BANG BANG :iconsmidg3n:smidg3n 24 12 mami by Strawberries4life mami :iconstrawberries4life:Strawberries4life 8 0 Headless by Erisabetta Headless :iconerisabetta:Erisabetta 53 0 Mami Tomoe by CHARIKO Mami Tomoe :iconchariko:CHARIKO 1,471 78 Mami Tomoe Screen Redraw by Faun-Buns Mami Tomoe Screen Redraw :iconfaun-buns:Faun-Buns 11 3 Mami Tomoe N pistol by orpel Mami Tomoe N pistol :iconorpel:orpel 39 5 20 Mami by GoldenCrowns 20 Mami :icongoldencrowns:GoldenCrowns 9 2 Savior by Cheesecake-giri Savior :iconcheesecake-giri:Cheesecake-giri 74 12 With Me by Cheesecake-giri With Me :iconcheesecake-giri:Cheesecake-giri 107 9 Homura by ohmonah Homura :iconohmonah:ohmonah 10 1 Mami san by f-wd Mami san :iconf-wd:f-wd 651 28 madomagi by Socks-and-Notebooks madomagi :iconsocks-and-notebooks:Socks-and-Notebooks 283 13 Pixel Mami Tomoe by Sandette Pixel Mami Tomoe :iconsandette:Sandette 126 4 mami by myotishi mami :iconmyotishi:myotishi 160 1



So like i havent been here in ages. Okay, OKAY. Im gonna keep the prussia fics up but, this was something i wrote when i was 13, and something like that shouldn't be romanticized. However, i wanna keep the comments and since they are the most prominent on the page, yeah. I have an idea for a pirate fic that i will get on soon, so. Shrugs.
So like i havent been here in ages. Okay, OKAY. Im gonna keep the prussia fics up but, this was something i wrote when i was 13, and something like that shouldn't be romanticized. However, i wanna keep the comments and since they are the most prominent on the page, yeah. I have an idea for a pirate fic that i will get on soon, so. Shrugs.


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Okay okay, this is where my reader insert fanfiction goes. Hello, I am not 18, but younger than that. I dont post drawing here, cause I am not very good. Thank you for reading this. Yes I do take requests

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